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In the past, I made a piece full of itty-bitty chibi Pokémon. Well, I decided to take a couple and scale them up to 2x and make double-sized versions of them. Chances are you may have seen one on deviantArt or in my signature.

I started with Altered Giratina, and just kept making them. I don't feel super happy with Uxie or Palkia really, but I feel really good about Giratina and Dusknoir. I keep adding more to the piece, and the latest are the Bulba line, Gastly, and the Misdreavus line.


This is just what I have so far. Included are a few of the small-scales and some WIP pics of them before shading.


I'll probably update my rotating signature faster than this page, so uh, look there first. A new sprite on every refresh! More to come soon.


EDIT: Palkia fixed!

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I liked trying to keep them in a uniform position. I am considering making some other views though.


And yeah, Palkia's problems are the most apparent of any of them. I would suspect it has to do with the fact that you can't tell that he has a long neck and from the iffy leg positioning. I tried a bunch of way to fix it though, and this is the best. He would look infinitely better from a side view.



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Oddly enough, I hadn't thought to do that.

*Looks at them*

Well, I could try rehashing them to look more like that, and I bet it would turn out better... My worry is that the HGSS sprite was oversimplified in order to make him fit in the partner space.


I'm glad that Palkia even turned out as well as he did, what with THAT little sprite there for my original(you know, the one above Gastly). Now that was a terrible depiction of Palkia.


I'm gonna go try this out.


EDIT: Complete, I like it a lot more. Not perfect, but MUCH more in line with the rest of them.

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While digging through my old-papers box, I found a drawing I did of Rayquaza a long time ago.


This was actually done without a reference, so it's not a perfect version of Rayquaza, but I like it a lot. And so, I started up a slow, painstaking conversion. I love it so far though. So work in progress!



Also, thanks on the Palkia!

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Well, thank you both very much! Sorry it took a few days to get back here, but I wanted to get the edit on big Rayquaza done first:


A great artist named Manupix on PixelJoint helped me out a lot on improving it. I actually think it may be one of the biggest pieces I've ever made.


RAWR. Also, the other arm is a total cop-out, but it was the best of my attempts.

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