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  2. What is my luck lately https://t.co/91pISoGM1e

  3. Oh man https://t.co/o0Mq5rJu7Q

  4. Sentret2 https://t.co/ZXW19LnFse

  5. Lucky https://t.co/gq9pox8HVb

  6. https://t.co/CYXIHCQKeX

  7. Sentret! https://t.co/SgmgTZJJsi

  8. My boy https://t.co/kThsj9Qola

  9. Ooooh https://t.co/gLZjtrVd2S

  10. My boy https://t.co/1uBoJxL9PJ

  11. RT @giantbomb: The Super Mario Bros. movie should be considered canon.

    All these spicy meatballs and some maybe strange gaming opinions a…

  12. RT @MarioBrothBlog: If the same naming principle applied to Waluigi as to Wario, whereby the first character of Luigi's name is flipped and…

  13. Ooooh good one https://t.co/eRVu7yCm6n

  14. Oooh https://t.co/4algqHujqb

  15. https://t.co/QQnfDiimC0

  16. https://t.co/46zwOBMWzx

  17. https://t.co/lm7dt60YaJ

  18. Ynihs https://t.co/E4NuGWhQoW

  19. https://t.co/uy2DEBeaNp

  20. Hat https://t.co/mG96LtRzt8

  21. Marril https://t.co/h0NXCuaYGF

  22. Another https://t.co/WI19VnKEeI

  23. Apparently shiny. https://t.co/khEdKzRlzo

  24. Sigh https://t.co/faJlwDJbxM

  25. Woah https://t.co/9KPj08QXYO

  26. Another one https://t.co/CvwnA45hb8

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