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  1. I am going to be a manager in a week and a half. Crazy.

    1. FISSURE


      I read this as buying a manager, congrats man.

  2. That's mostly why I look for news after the fact. And I also have work, where I can't watch it.
  3. I would like to see 3DS remakes of Blue/Green and Red. I don't think they're needed, but I'd love to play them.
  4. Linkmaster30000


    It is pretty terrible. Especially when your department is right next to a break room and someone microwaves what seems to be an entire school of fish.
  5. And if I truly do remember Christmas songs should stay in December
  6. Got to Chapter 6 in Birthright. It's been... okay so far. Of course, now we're getting to the real substance of the game, so it likely only goes up from here.
  7. Monday: Reports that we need to get loans reviewed wouldn't run because some random person (still don't know who) had them open, so they could not be automatically overwritten by the new reports. That got fixed 6 hours into our shift. In addition, a new required field showed up in our data entry screen that was not supposed to be there because the change was supposed to happen to every department except ours. It will not be fixed until Saturday, because that's when they fix things. Tuesday: The day after President's Day. We got so few packages, we were done with our work in about an hour an
  8. Well, left work early (more on that in another thread), so now I've got Birthright and the keychains that came with it. I don't remember ordering the keychains, but whatever, they look cool I guess.
  9. Ours as well! Birthright should be here after work, and we got the download code for Conquest, but we can't use it until Birthright arrives. My wife is very excited and I will probably not see her face for months.
  10. I imagine it doesn't, but I really want the face to launch off when you pull the trigger.
  11. Yaaaaaaaay! It doesn't seem like this is actually live yet. Do we know when it's scheduled to actually be something aside from a profile page?
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