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  1. Less than a month away, for those interested. It's not as expensive as I had thought it would be, either.
  2. It looks pretty good, but I have yet to see it really being a Zelda game.
  3. That sounds familiar. Still, my copy arrived, just wanting to finish up FFEx first.
  4. Disgaea 5 I think I also played some other games, I don't remember.
  5. Phaeon


    6 more for me...
  6. Got mine on Friday, still finishing up the game I was playing first though... not sure if I'll play this next or something else, but it's definitely on the list.
  7. Phaeon


    2.5 days for me - early release on Wednesday. Also, most of my office took the week off, so it's pretty quiet.
  8. I'm also particularly fond of the clocktown one, as well as the title track Terrible Fate.
  9. Not sure if this had been posted before, but just in case it hadn't: http://www.terriblefate.com/
  10. It's a little surprising that they changed, but as for what they changed it to, I can't say it's really surprising. If you compare it to all of the icons and colors they've been using for other things recently (buttons in chrome, etc) it kind of has the same feel, I think.
  11. Pretty sure Stella Glow is already out and just needs translating. Either that, or it's really close to done. Same with Lost Dimension. But yeah, that is a lot of stuff.
  12. Thanks guys! I didn't do much, though I did see Ant-Man for a second time, so there's that.
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