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  1. Ego

    Less is more

    Sounds good! I like the more tight setup :)
  2. Ego


    It's been three years since you passed away, Torn. I miss you buddy.
  3. I discovered it at a big ethnic grocer about an hour away earlier this year, and in the past month everytime I've gone they've either been out or just aren't selling it anymore, idk which. I looked into making it, and seeing it was New Year's thing, I figured I'd go for it. Thanks. I'm glad we all came out the other end intact
  4. I played a really good and personal game with a handful of really good friends, about decompressing all the bad stuff we dealt with in 2016 and helping prepare to move forward in the new year. Mmm, it's stuff like those that make me want to get a deep fryer. I should really just go for it. In my ongoing cultural tourism (which I suppose is what it is) I made Gata, a traditional Armenian New Year's food, and it actually turned out pretty good, which is since it was my first time making bread.
  5. Happy New Year! Did you do anything interesting for the new year?
  6. Ugh, the one day I don't check KG and I miss this! Hope your birthday was awesome Hanz!
  7. Ego

    NX Reveal

    So it's out there now. What do you think of it? I'm actually fairly excited. It doesn't look as gimmicky as I feared it might. There's a traditional controller. It's learned to do the Gamepad thing without always forcing you to do the Gamepad thing. It appears to have completely abandoned motion control to reach portability, and I approve of that choice (not to disparage the Wii, but the space has been pretty much completely explored until we hit another technological advance). Where before Nintendo was trying to avoid competing with "hardcore" consoles with gimmicks, it's doubling down on i
  8. Oh my god, Rowlet and Litten are adorable Grass/flying isn't amazing, but I guess it's also not horrible? The fire weakness would be bad news this gen, but maybe next gen we'll see a shift away from the terror of Talonflame. On the flip side, the fighting resistance is nice! All in all, having a grass/flying that isn't Tropius is exciting. Also looking forward to seeing what Litten's line's typing is. (you might notice that I am not quite as impressed by Popplio. Can't win 'em all, I guess)
  9. Ego

    Ace Attorney 6

    My prayers are answered, Maya as companion, I can finally buy games in this series again!
  10. Happy birthday Akuma!

  11. Oh, I don't have any doubt the creators themselves would be cool with it, but I still think it'd be a shame if it disappeared after all their hard work. I just find it gives a kinda bleak outlook for fan translation projects if far future releases can totally invalidate years of work; it's pretty discouraging to future projects. I may be a bit biased though since I don't buy VC games personally.
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