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  1. Happy 2022!!!! It appears everyone has migrated to the discord??
  2. Anyone still visit?

  3. www.zeldacentral.com back live!

  4. Barry

    Oh wow

    It's so interesting to see how our lives have turned out. Good to hear you're doing what you love!
  5. Barry

    God damn.

    I still check routinely.
  6. The forums have been in silence for months. I've found myself checking here routinely. BotW might just be my favorite Zelda to date!
  7. Barry


    Add me: Battlenet:Gitchusum#1263 XBOX: Gitchusum
  8. Barry


    Very saddened to hear this. Torn was very active and supportive member of Zelda Central. Probably the most active, actually.
  9. Barry

    Then and Now

    10 years ago I owned a very popular Zelda fan site, and 10 years later I get to read members reminisce those days.... Aspiring web designer then and Insurance Agent now....
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