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  1. Ataraxia

    Oh wow

    Wow, hey, its been a second, KG. Every so often I think about this spot and what it did for me in my awkward teenhood. Im glad it still occupies such a positive space in my brain. ♥ I went out and fully soaked up the whole being a furry thing and ended up as a somewhat prominent artist in the fandom! In fact, Im completely making my living off of art and art alone. Its one heck of a living. Im also in the process of transitioning, which is a whole dang thing. You can call me Miss Zelda=GR8! now. It may not be what youd carve out for your slice of happiness, but I always love knowing th
  2. Ataraxia


    he is a beauty, i cherish him not unlike a son
  3. Ataraxia


    once a year memories of this place swathe over me and I pay it a visit and see it is still chugging along in moments when I feel i can't persist this place still does I draw a lot of porn now.
  4. As is tradition, I return to let you guys know I put out an album! https://fevrier.bandcamp.com/album/honey
  5. I can't believe I'm actually dead RIP

  6. Ataraxia


    am I doing here :V
  7. Ataraxia


    Psst hi hello, gonna give you some much deserved feedback because I'm really liking what I'm hearing! I'm really really loving your original tracks here, especially "Call It Braille." The percussion is really lovely in its punchiness, and the chord progressions are actually really interesting/refreshing. As for your mixing/mastering, I'd say you could boost the hi-end just a bit, and it'd breathe a bit more life into the song. There's also almost no sub-bass sounds happening, so that could use a boost too. :V Definitely keep pursuing this stuff, and write more originals! Remix culture is n
  8. I know there's a couple folks here who like to keep up with my musical releases, figure it's worth posting this over here as well! http://fevrier.bandcamp.com/album/the-trembling-giant
  9. Does this count? bohohoho
  10. Hey guys! Just released this a few weeks ago! :> Winter Hearts EP by Février You can listen to it over on soundcloud, too: http://soundcloud.com/fevrier/sets/winter-hearts-ep/
  11. Around 3pm on Friday, my mum calls me while I'm at FWA to tell me that about $350 has mysteriously gone missing from my bank account via PayPal. After doing a bit of investigating online, I discovered that a Pakistani phonecard company had withdrawn about that much in 66 $5 increments, and since the account was linked directly to my bank account, he was able to get away with it. >:C Luckily PayPal was super understanding, especially since it all looked so suspicious. BUT PRETTY MUCH that means I have somewhere around $75 to last me the next 10 days while they get that sorted out, and in the
  12. Ataraxia


    Meditative Pimp Cat smiles upon you. B-) Also here's a song
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