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  1. *Poke* Still think about you guys.
  2. Robby K


    I write songs. Here's the more integral parts of my catalog http://soundcloud.com/tiemadime
  3. I think the thing that drew me back here again and again each day after school when this thing started up was that this was a really accepting group you know? That was something that I had a difficult time finding when I was 13 going into high school. I gradually started meeting people in my life that drew me away from the internet for various reasons, but I had to come take a look. I imagine this is what it feels like to be looking at your old elementary school... you know if you had fond memories of coming of age in school and all that. I feel like a true child of the 21st century in that I
  4. Robby K

    Then and Now

    10 years ago, I was a borderline-addled 13 year old. Now I'm a borderline-addled 23 year old. I talk less shit about people on the internet, though. I date back to the Forest Haven and really, I'm like totally floored seeing all these old faces here. Like faces, I see your names here and I can put a face to some of them! At a point, you were all a huge part of my life, and really, I came for the Zelda, and stayed for the feels.
  5. I break my silence to post this, but apparently...beaten to the punch. Is it illegal to call the tips line? There are so many potential jokes.
  6. I feel I have a little more to say. I should really stop being so pessimistic. Twilight Princess' constant delays were because they hit a lot of snags making the transition from Gamecube to Wii. I think best case scenario, we'll see this launch in around a year.
  7. I'm quoting this as my first post in about a decade. You've pointed out that formula that was getting to me since I finished Twilight Princess. TP made some nice expansions on it but I'll be more than a little disappointed if they go back on their word: "[Twilight Princess is] without a doubt, the last Zelda game as you know it in its present form" -Miyamoto Judging by this, I think it's reasonable to hope for a sort of game that can be "broken up" less simply than LM just presented. That would be really cool. I would also possibly bet my life savings that the "Before the end of 2010" figu
  8. Quick Answer: No 38/107 For someone who has invested so much time into a fictional universe, I was having some bad brain farts.
  9. There's been some rumors flying around about Michael Sheen portraying the one and only evil mastermind, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.(!!!) It's not a very credible rumor, but it's pretty clear the "rebooted" Bond series has been building up towards some central villain. I'm probably foolish, but I'm really getting my hopes up for this. I would post my sources. But none of them look very convincing. I dunno, google it and tell me what you think.
  10. I just was in the mood to check back here for the first time in like a year because I just started Wind Waker again. Thanks for remembering. I'm sincerely surprised.
  11. Robby K


    Do they taste like Pepto Bismol? Is that a bad thing? I had a seriously heated argument over this.
  12. Is this available to the public yet? I'd like to check it out.
  13. When you look at the first commercials for Zelda, it's amazing that the series is as popular as it is. It looks like they were trying not to sell games.
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