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  1. Capcom did some of the handheld games, and they turned out fine.
  2. I beat Super Mario 3D Land. So, I guess I'm casually playing for star coins. There's that word again.
  3. Probably Uncharted 3. Skyward Sword. and... I'm not sure what gets third.
  4. Happy Birthday Mai Valentine! I saw no topic for it, and the day is almost over, so this instead. Hooray birthdays!

  5. Insert - If I remember your comment, I'll make a joke username for February.
  6. I don't remember seeing the green one. :( Honestly, when I saw how many different colors Nintendo had, I thought that was real. I recall Gameboy Colors coming out in a lot of different colors, but I could see that being a hassle if one's not as popular. But seriously... GREEN! PURPLE! RED! They're so pretty!
  7. I like the large guy that he's trolling. He knows how to distinguish the joke. Ha ha ha.
  8. Is this a topic or is this typical trollbait? Either way it's still his profile, Wesker, and yours is your own. Nobody manages it the same. Getting old now. As for Milla Jovovich having any say, she is the lead character of the movies, so I think she has become very close to the series as a whole; however, all I see from her tweet is that she contacted Capcom and received no information on RE6. Looks to me like she's exercising connections, not authority.
  9. Real or not. Threatening someone to death is pretty lame.
  10. I'm probably too lazy to look for another Pagan name for the Pagan holiday again.
  11. Valentine

    Arkham City

    I've not even played the original. I must be missing out.
  12. I so wanted a purple one, even if that's probably also a little girl's color. It was so damn pretty.
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