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  1. Was wondering if this would get touched again. Waha
  2. Interesting. What if we're all just advanced Miis in this simulation?
  3. [Insert]


    Huh, guess I'll have to skim through the list a little more thoroughly next time.
  4. [Insert]


    Hmm I might need to acquire another SSD for this. That's a pretty hefty file size for the Ultimate version but it'd be nice to have it all at the ready. Doesn't seem like they've archived any 18+ games, though I totally get why.
  5. Objectively I'd have to say that Animal Crossing was the best game to come out this past year. It was well made and pretty air-tight. Along with the constant updates, Nintendo did well with this one. I haven't really played many other games that were released. Paper Mario: The Origami King was fun, I got hyped for it, but it was so vastly different from the earlier Paper Mario releases I had fallen in love with. Ghost of Tsushima was fun, but at the same time grew into a bit of a repetitive grind. Still, the duels were like witnessing a masterpiece in action. My personal favorite has
  6. I feel like quite a few things on this site are broken.
  7. All I want to know is how did you post this like that?
  8. Hello silver ghost person. I am the self-proclaimed town idiot. I have also recently returned from my catacombs.
  9. [Insert]


    There have been a few times where I've kept shoes on indoors. Mostly due to a quick visit or drop in and there being no need for such a hassle. I can't tell if it's because I lived in Japan in my early life or simply because I don't want to track dirt into the house, but I take them off. It only makes sense.
  10. This was a sad day for mankind. And of course, no more Leonard Nimoy cameos in future Star Trek reboots.
  11. It's pleasant to see that all the votes have been for deep dish. Even if there's only 4. I personally could never see how anyone could enjoy eating pizza ingredients on a cracker, but to each their own. I'll eat pizza no matter what, but if both kinds are present, I'll be going for the deep dish until it's gone.
  12. greetings everyone i have been gone but now am back pleasant day to you
  13. Everybody loves a hipster reboot. Now, sometimes I really like remakes of movies, as much or more than the originals. But this I'm skeptical on. I've got the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man embedded too deeply into me, unfortunately. And there's no way you can top the train scene in Spider-Man 2. I don't really understand how he can be Spider-Man if he doesn't shoot his own organic web, without the assistance of tools. It really makes him more like Batman, which I know Hanz loves Batman so that makes sense to me. But... I don't want to be thinking about Batman when I'm looking at Spidey. I want to
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