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Not much, but I added 3DS friend code to the custom profile fields. Feel free to fill it out. I will also be attempting to find good icons for each of the custom fields because I just realized I could put them there. If you have suggestions for 16x16 icons for them let me know. Thanks.

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Saw this, instantly took it as a challenge before I even saw LM's post. Here's what I came up with:


3DS: 3DS_icon.png


PS3/PSN: Playstation3_icon.png


Steam: Steam_icon.png


Wii: Wii_icon.png


XBox 360/Live(I cam up with 2. The system one goes with the theme of systems, but might be a little less readable): Xbox360_icon.png Xbox360_icon2.png


Let me know if there's something I violated(# of colors, a certain palette, etc.). Looking forward to see what you come with too, LM!

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While I was in Portland it hit me that I might be limited to a very low resolution for the icons. I've taken the initial icons and dropped enough colors to make them 8-bit(3 colors+transparency).











Alternatively, it might not accept transparency. Here's five icons with no transparency.











I know they're not quite as good as the originals, but I hope they work.


EDIT: Oh, and thanks Hanz and SW :).

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Yeah it's a little difficult to jam that much detail into an icon and still have it look recognizable (but it really does work with the Steam icon). But I won't even try to steal your thunder with my own, since you did a pretty good job anyway, and I just can't be asked.

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If you already made some, totally show them! I don't have sole rights to be doing these, and if yours are good too we might use them instead! Ideally, we can combine the good parts in both of ours to make the best icons.

If you don't want to make icons that are already made, that's cool too.


And yeah, fitting detail into small places is hard, but certainly not impossible. The bigger problem is that when looking at a tiny silhouette(hey, spelled that right first shot!), some of them really look the same, mostly the PS3 and the 360. I'm thinking for the PS3 I might actually change it to the Playstation logo. And thank you about the Steam icon :)

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