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oddish's Perler Bead Sprites

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  • Bad Science

It wasn't anything I came up with, just something I came across on the internet and wanted to try. If you poke around you can find things people have made that are way, way more impressive than anything I've done. Huge, complex sprites or whole screen shots...


And it really isn't that hard, just frustrating when you take time choosing the right colors and laying them out and then they don't melt right, which happens a lot. Makes me wish Pixelblocks weren't so expensive.

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  • Bad Science

Stuff I made today...


Froslass and Toxicroak



And the heart thought bubble thing from HG/SS



And Pixelblocks are 2000 for $60, you can get over 10 times as many perler beads for that amount, so yeah...

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