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  1. Woooowwww.... this is so amazing....
  2. Wow, this is so cool.... On the subject of professional artists doing Pokémon-related projects http://www.capturecreatures.com/ is worth checking out.
  3. Supposed to have a bunch of cameos from popular arcade game characters, including Mario... haven't heard too much else about this. Less excited about this than I was for Tangled or next year's Frozen, but hopefully it turns out to be a pleasant surprise...
  4. oddish

    Best 3DS ever

    Ahh that's adorable...
  5. Good stuff... http://io9.com/58870...-all-over-again I wonder who the three super villains are going to be?
  6. Ahhh awesome. Love the designs so much. Batgirl looks adorable... And yeah, those are bound to be fun. Tom Kenny Plastic Man is the best Plastic Man....
  7. oddish

    Poor Worf

    Awwww... haha makes me miss watching TNG...
  8. This is the one I am most excited for...
  9. oddish

    Adventure Time!

    Saw those Slamacow Finn and Jake at Toys R Us yesterday. More toys is good. So far there hasn't been anything I like enough to buy, want to find something...
  10. Wow, hadn't heard of this. Pretty cool. And there are at least two near where I live that I would use...
  11. Ahhhhh cannot wait. Sold on Martin Freeman being Bilbo, looks great!
  12. oddish

    Adventure Time!

    Get on it! I think you will like Holly Jolly Secrets...
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