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Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold...


Some may remember this very old topic, in which I had KG members make their own characters, complete with weapons, personalities, and goals. Looking back, it wasn't planned out as well as I would've liked, and I also dislike the style that I used.


I'd like to start writing something again, but with more of a novel-like feel to it. I would've restarted the old story in this style, but unfortunately, I lost most of my data when I transferred files to my new OS. ...Also, almost 3/4 of the characters are no longer members here.


With this, I'd like to see who'd like to be a part of this. If there's enough interest, I'll start planning the story, though it'll likely have a similar plot. What I would need is:

- Melee weapon of choice (no duplicates, please)

- Dominant hand

- Profession

- Alignment (use the D&D v3.5 alignments: Lawful/Chaotic, Good/Evil, Neutral, etc)

- Personality

- Physical description (eyes, hair, clothing, imperfections, etc)

- Other equipment (optional)

- Quirks (optional)

- Background (if you want to write one out - otherwise, I'll make one)


I'm hoping this will go better than the previous incarnation. Feel free to be creative with the characters, or you can make them personifications of yourselves. Whatever floats your boat.



- Dras the Holy Knight (Longsword and Shield)

- Phaeon the Lunatic (Two-Bladed Sword)

- Seanachi the Student/Street Performer (War Fans)

- Syravianna the Vagabond (Twin Scimitars)

- Shoriya the Mercenary (Katana)

- Henri Duchamp the Security Guard (Rapier)

- Sayakon "The Legendary" (Short Sword)



- Weapon: Longsword and Shield

- Dominant hand: Right

- Profession: Holy Knight

- Alignment: Lawful Good

- Personality: A bit haughty, but cares about helping others and upholding the law

- Physical description: About 6'0", fully armored (white with light blue trim), knight helmet (bird design, same colors), blue eyes, long black hair, clean-shaven

- Background: Dras was the son of a farmer and a seamstress, both of whom wanted a better life for him. When Dras became an adult, his parents sent him to the knight academy to become part of the castle guard, hopefully to make a living for himself that would be more than just the bare bones that he was accustomed to. Dras struggled at first to adjust, but was soon one of the better young knights in the academy. He graduated second in his class, the first being his rival from the beginning of his training.


After a few years of keeping peace in the surrounding villages, a rumor came to the king about the "Sword of Salvation", as well as the neighboring kingdom fervently looking for it. The king knew that, should the neighboring kingdom get the sword, it would mean invasion and most certainly war. Thus, he sent five of his strongest knights to find the sword and bring it back to ensure the safety of the kingdom. Two of these were Dras and his rival.

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- Weapon: Helberd (again)

- Dominant hand: Right

- Profession: None/jack-of-all-trades. Phaeon thinks work is boring, so he ends up doing odd jobs for pretty much whoever will pay him when he needs money. He doesn't take jobs that involve killing people, though, unless the client has a very good reason. He's also very cautious and won't do jobs that are exceedingly dangerous (or illegal, if he thinks he'll be caught easily).

- Alignment: Chaotic Good

- Personality: Basically decent, but extremely lazy. Likes to sit back and do nothing, but he will help people in need if it isn't too much effort.

- Physical description: A little under 6 feet tall, but muscular. It's obvious he's had combat training in the past, but he refuses to talk about it. Grey eyes, short red-brown hair.


Let's go with this one this time. If you want more info, just ask.

I can make more characters on request.

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Here's a list of some weapons that are available (again, try not to duplicate). If you want to use something not on this list, feel free (with my permission), as this list is not all-inclusive.




Bo Staff


Battle Axe



Buckler Blade (a shield with a removable sword attached to it)




Tonfas/Elbow blades

Kick Edge



Alchemic Sword (Ivy Blade)




Twin Rods


Iron Flute


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well i figure since i'm going to end up reading this if you make it, i might as well be a part of it!


Seanachai (name subject to change)

Weapon: fighting fans (i thought i'd google them and see if they are even cool, and actually they kinda are)

Dominant hand: left

Profession: student

Alignment: lawful neutral

Personality: lax, yet studious and lawful

Physical description: slender frame, silver hair, inexpressive face, wears typical student garbs (whatever you choose a typical student to look like in your world, LM)

Background: born into an impoverished family, wants to study at a prestigious school, but is left doing fan-tricks on the street for money despite a gift for logical problem-solving. is very determined and passionate, but often hides his interests, which he thinks make him seem weak in the eyes of his warrior father. when he is old enough, his father wants him to join the army of whatever nation he is aligned to, but that's not how Seanachai wants his intellect to be used.

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That Phaeon is boring, so I came up with a new one.



- Weapon: Two-Bladed Sword

- Dominant hand: Both

- Profession: Vagabond/Wandering lunatic.

- Alignment: Chaotic Good

- Personality: Decidedly off-kilter. He's a nice enough person, but people tend to try to stay away from him for some reason. He is a former Knight of the Order of the Righteous Thunder, but an incident occurred a couple years ago that involved him being the only survivor in the battle with a dragon. He won, but the order was destroyed. It was after this incident that he deserted his post as a knight and went to live as a hermit in the mountains. Then, one year ago, he wandered back into civilization and it became apparent that he had lost at least a few of his marbles. He insists on being called "Captain" and wanders around asking people if they know where he can find some "moonstones".

- Physical description: A little under 6 feet tall, but muscular. Grey eyes, long ragged black hair. He seems to lack any possessions other than his clothes and his two-bladed sword.

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Here we go then:



- Weapon: Katana

- Dominant Hand: Right

- Profession: Blade For Hire

- Alignment: Lawful Neutral

- Physical Description: Semi Muscular, about 6 feet tall, long red hair put into a ponytail, red eyes, scar under his right eye.

- Background: Once holding a school for samurai trainee's, Shoryia was an instructor at the Kensai Doji. The dojo was named after a local legend in Shoryia's hometown, and was owned by his father. It was only natural that he would follow in his father's footsteps and train to wield a samurai blade. His father trained him extremely well, and soon Shoryia becomes top of the class, highly skilled and quite deadly with the katana. Years after his father passes, Shoryia becomes the head master at the dojo to carry out his father's dying wishes, to teach the way of Bushido, and carry on the teachings of his sacred art to chosen students. Year pass, and an unfortunate attack occurred on Shoryia's home town while he was away meditating his progress over the years and becoming more aware with himself and the world. Sensing something wrong was in the air while in this state of mind, Shoryia rushes back to his home, only to find it burnt to the ground. Sadly, there was no evidence as to who committed the act. Revenge was placed in the back of Shoryia's mind...


Leaving what has happened behind, Shoryia becomes a blade for hire, determined to protect whomever has hired him, or take out a deadly foe, for the right amount of coin of course. He has no problem helping anyone in need, and is a quite outspoken person. When he isn't helping those in need, he is usually reading "The Book of Five Rings", mingling with others, or honing his skills with his blade.

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Valentine's character:


- Name: Syravianna

- Weapon: Twin Scimitars

- Dominant hand: Ambidextrous

- Profession: Vagabond

- Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

- Personality: Curious in nature to the point of being considered a bit silly until in immediate danger. Can be temperamental. generally inclined toward the outdoors but willing to travel anywhere (will, but doesn't appear to like cave systems, metropolis-sized cities or being anywhere she feels that she's "cooped up"). Spiritually connected to nature.

- Physical description: Gray eyes, long-ish dark auburn hair, dressed in a way that favors outdoor accessibility and in nature-tones.

- Background: It's a secret to everybody. Possibly even to her.

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by the way, at what point in the soul calibur timeline is this going to happen? Or is it going to be completely unconnected but with similar themes? I was mostly wondering in order to elaborate on my character background to give him some kind of connection to Soul Edge.

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