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  1. This is a graveyard. Pay some respects, dig a few graves, earn a heart piece. Dameron, those poes are fast.

  2. Congrats man! I'll be sure to check it out.
  3. I don't follow the scene, but now I have someone to root for. Going to keep an eye on this, for sure.
  4. Twilight Princess would be fantastic to have!
  5. Still slightly miffed that they are selling it in pieces- albeit each one coming at a discounted price, if I'm not mistaken. The price of keeping Fire Emblem alive...
  6. Personally, I'm surprised that they made Four Swords & Minish Cap first before treading ground with Wind Waker. Excited for it either way!
  7. Ten years is a very long time. Much like a few of you have, I looked at myself from the past and while it may have been fun, memorable, and at times hair pulling, I'm glad I'm not that person now. However, KG is very much a part of my heart, and I'm fortunate to have remembered my password in order to have made this post (four days late, but oh well). Wouldn't trade it for the world, some would say. Wherever we all go, I wish everyone another ten solid years, whether here or away from the graveyard. Thank you for the memories.
  8. Good golly, Miss Molly. Paint me excited, that's the one I want to get.
  9. It kills everything it touches because the fierce velocity of all that cold air, water, and brine, right? And not the illogical but more awesome way of just bringing everything to like, subzero temperatures, eliminating all possible chances of life in its proximity?
  10. Going over to my aunt's tonight, then tomorrow there's beach and a cast party for Oklahoma, which we just wrapped on Sunday. Good times will be had.
  11. On my list of things to see this season! So excited!
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