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  1. Still alive over here. Feel free to add at Steam (but be sure to include message though so I know).

  2. Hyrule Warriors Hero mode = 1 near-fried Moon & hard-earned victory > Not again before moar levels. Somehow taught me humility also...

    1. Linkmaster30000


      I haven't tried it yet. I do have Link at Lv99, but I want to unlock his Master Sword's ability first.

    2. Moonlightelf


      I went ahead and won the thing with lvl 42 Link... and not so good weapon XD

  3. ...This... oh goddess... I just read the e-mail and... couldn't believe my eyes. R.I.P. >:
  4. WiiU, check. TP, check. WW HD, check... SS...not yet... but I'm still equipped well for Hyrule Warriors.

  5. Fweeh, 25! I'm feeling old! XD

  6. O boy, few broken images. Can't say that I've been active exactly, but lets put a stop on waiting and toss some art over here. Shame on you Moon, shame on you. I hope these two will... well... make up for all the waiting while I get more art done.
  7. My my, what we has here...? Has it been a bit too long already since last time I was here? We gotta fix that.

  8. Oh I am soooo looking forward to this! 8D And I am quite sure that my father too is looking forward!
  9. And I think I did good job with coloring her too, though I despise the colorscheme: But that aside, to other things. We have a lovely character here. You might remember her lineart from my old thread. Aside this, I have studied spriting a bit more, which has resulted into following little fellow. It's saying "Squeek" at you. And here is also another little sprite, though it is still at stage of W.I.P.... Also had an honor to sprite some ornaments for Dragon Cave's christmas event. Enjoy.
  10. Merry Christmas everyone! Yes, I'm gonna be plainly boring with that! 8D

  11. Well what we have here today? Some fanart sort of thing WIP.
  12. LM30K: Thanks Wesker: Wouldn't be a first time I kinda get reminded from Ninetales too while looking at it. Moar artz
  13. Drop-in's, bonza! How's about a flutter?

  14. Love confessions...they are nonsense when it comes to picking one's sweetheart...

  15. Ego: *Chuckles at hijacking* Don't worry, you can always do that to my thread. About the FE sprite. Did the small set's background transparent as you adviced. Though I never really intend to make things true to style. Thus I made the outlines as they are. Indeed nailed it on there being too much detail. I acknowledged it quite soonish when getting critique waaaaaaay too late. Which practically made me cease with spriting really. But planning to try again and see where it leads. Palettes and picking colors... I have acknowledged that it is my biggest weakness when it comes to spriting. You see,
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