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You Monster...

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This is GLaDOS. You've probably heard of her. You've most likely met her. You may have even killed her. But this is the culmination of my fanaticism over Portal 2. Approximately 10 hours went into making this, although school forced it to take almost a month to make. I'm happy with how most of it turned out.


A few notes on her though: I've modified her design a little. Some changes were due to the difficulty of placing a part and still making the piece look good(eg the middle wire from midsection to body). Some changes were due to laziness(eg the mostly shadowed out second wire and mid-to-body wires). Still others were due to what I thought would make pleasant aesthetic changes(ie the red stripe on her casing). I am, however, sick of looking at this right now, so she'll stay like this for a while. Maybe one day I'll come back to fix her up.


WIP Animation & origin sketch: YouMonster.gifYouMonsterSketch.png


Simple crits will be incorporated, complex ones less so. Crit me anyway, it helps me learn.

See it on dA or Pixeljoint(and fave it or something)!: You Monster... http://www.pixeljoint.com/pixelart/62073.htm


Most importantly, if you have any suggestions on what I should make my next project, please share. Good inspiration has been hard to come by lately.


Now she only wants you gone.

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