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  1. Bort https://t.co/HToR4dUbuC

  2. Shine https://t.co/0eQLtQbBqN

  3. Shine get https://t.co/yji8xEFTue

  4. There we go https://t.co/pUgRW5yFLM

  5. First one today https://t.co/eJTHB8ox2c

  6. Big https://t.co/3qcxdBnUPH

  7. RT @SerebiiNet: Serebii Picture: Official artwork of Pawmi, an Electric-type Pokémon https://t.co/NWlAdn57aQ https://t.co/Fz3VVc46eS

  8. RT @SerebiiNet: Serebii Picture: Official images of Koraidon and Miraodon, the Legendary Pokémon. Koraidon is exclusive to Scarlet and Mira…

  9. RT @SerebiiNet: Serebii Picture: Official artwork of Lechonk, a Normal-type Pokémon https://t.co/NWlAdn57aQ https://t.co/g5JlrGJ9zG

  10. RT @SerebiiNet: Serebii Picture: Official artwork of Smoliv, a Grass/Normal-type Pokémon https://t.co/NWlAdn57aQ https://t.co/6IJ5MoHZi7

  11. RT @PokemonGoApp: https://t.co/sWt5DY8jb1

  12. https://t.co/JaQfODrZJD

  13. Hello https://t.co/pkfRs11RIs

  14. RT @tamoorh: This video of an Australian politician talking about gay marriage is something I think about multiple times a week. https://t.…

  15. It’s too hot out for this https://t.co/hP1kcNafyR

  16. RT @MarioBrothBlog: Throughout the Mario franchise, Mario does not speak very often outside of short exclamations like "Here we go!" Below…

  17. Hello https://t.co/kAcG0Pwaoh

  18. Shine get https://t.co/nnKKaIzX5e

  19. RT @MarioBrothBlog: According to a 2017 study by a team of Canadian neuropsychologists, playing Super Mario 64 increases grey matter in the…

  20. Shine get https://t.co/GdbkgNf1wq

  21. Buying trees https://t.co/WTBshhOdlZ

  22. Hello https://t.co/Pb3iX4kLo2

  23. Shine get https://t.co/KOMWybatTU

  24. Woo https://t.co/1ji6uBFhQ0

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