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  1. RT @HDminusworld: Celebrating 20 Years of Super Mario Sunshine Haters Being Wrong


  2. Bathroom remodel time https://t.co/tCDcFNPbnx

  3. RT @videogamedeals: Buck Bumble Theme Song is Free via YouTube. https://t.co/NUBRzPcirP https://t.co/gtEwWLwE16

  4. Important documentation https://t.co/TkMGdiL7n5

  5. Feeling like a real adult getting my bathroom remodeled https://t.co/XN4xlQP5Ir

  6. Before and where I am currently. Not too much left to go. https://t.co/4XcnnU48Pr

  7. RT @NintendoAmerica: Bayonetta engages in a bewitching battle against the Homunculi, a feisty new witch named Viola enters the scene, and……

  8. Nice https://t.co/4B7jYD5zzr

  9. RT @SerebiiNet: Serebii Update: The Pokémon GO Community Day on July 17th 2022 will focus on Starly. Runs from 11am to 2pm local time

  10. Well https://t.co/A6w3LaWdbm

  11. Well my boot gave out on me https://t.co/aJDDtoGfY0

  12. Pretty good for only an hour https://t.co/nrJHAIt8rh

  13. A lot today https://t.co/TVmR22eTLW

  14. Awwww yeah https://t.co/KC1R5mlXQq

  15. Hello https://t.co/uS7UQxGLy9

  16. Mushroom on our morning walk https://t.co/i1TDyhecxG

  17. Oh hello https://t.co/b3rJtmuXAg

  18. Wooo https://t.co/VVXeTSVLZs

  19. Perfect Tyrunt! https://t.co/oI6EhoHRV1

  20. What does god need with a starship?

  21. https://t.co/o8iUEpAOjh

  22. Timber https://t.co/xRBnubxZXx

  23. Getting some tree work done. Fancy robot. https://t.co/ikid0QTZdn

  24. Oh https://t.co/t1nNnsVQSq

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