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10 Year Anniversary

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guysguys, I still pop in when I am bored. I guess I owe a short testimonial. But rather than type a stream-of-conscious of what I experienced, here's a buzzfeed-style list.


It helped a socially awkward Sprit through high school and the complexities of life.


It inspired a young Sprit to take up art, first through sprite comics then to actual drawing.


It introduced Sprit to better games and music.


And it in some ways restored my faith in human interaction.


And don't get me wrong, I don't like when people look at my page and say "hey, where's Sprit gone?" "oh, he just left" I mean, I prefer to think that I graduated from KG. I have a girlfriend, I make regular trips to Mexico, I took up photography as a way of relieving stress, and I'm again waaaay too close to getting a Bachelor's in Visual Communication. I'd really like to take up drawing again, but as college/work has taken up too much of my time, it's mildly maddening that designing mostly for clients ain't that much fun.


by the way, here's a short film I wrote/directed/produced


EDIT: I also don't want to sound like a total meanie to you guys, but I still maintain a policy of not adding people on Facebook I haven't met in real life, so don't send me any requests. however, you can always say hi to me on Steam (PLEASE!), maybe there's a new game everyone's playing now. I'm also a half-way decent League of Legends player (you should know my default online moniker by now). I deleted my deviant art profile, since cleaning out my deviations was too much of a pain. I might work with dA to get my name back, as I've grown attached to "Spritaek" or "Spritek" if the "a" is too annoying...haha.

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