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Adventures of the Links

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Good to hear! ^_^


A few things to note:

1. I edited the Epilogue episodes. You should find the text much easier to read now.

2. I found some naughty words that I missed, and changed them. They were mostly in earlier episodes (it helps to catch them when you're showing all of the episodes to your girlfriend XD ).

3. The first comic (a Pre-Comic Lecture) is complete, and will be posted on... NEXT FRIDAY (7/18)! Hooray! I have almost everything figured out for the plotness, too, so the series will actually START on the Monday after (7/21).


How exciting is that? :Holy Crap:

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This is very good news for me.

For an idea, the Fire Emblem bit. FE map tiles are 16x16, just like classic NES sprites. With one sprite each for characters, you can set them up on the overworld. I know that the basic NES link sprites fit, Mario(no super mushroom) from Super Mario Bros, recolored can be Wario, etc.

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